Introducing WeekToDo Version 2.1.0. Enhancing Your Weekly Planning Experience

Jun 04 2023

Introducing WeekToDo Version 2.1.0. Enhancing Your Weekly Planning Experience

We are excited to announce the release of WeekToDo Version 2.1.0, a significant update to our minimalist open-source weekly planner. This version brings a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance your productivity and organization. Let’s explore the notable changes in this release.

Enhanced Customization and Colors

To provide a personalized experience, we have made several enhancements to WeekToDo’s customization options. The configuration menu has been refactored for a more intuitive design, allowing you to easily tailor the planner to your preferences. Moreover, we have expanded the color choices in the tasks color picker, enabling you to categorize and prioritize your tasks with a wider range of colors.


Improved Repeating Events and Task Management

With the introduction of the new repeating event option, WeekToDo Version 2.1.0 offers greater flexibility in scheduling. You can now select custom weekdays for your repeating events, allowing for more personalized planning. Additionally, based on user feedback, we have added the ability to send subtasks to the bottom when marking a task as complete, providing a clearer overview of your progress.


Fixing Bugs, Improving Performance and User Experience

In response to user suggestions, we have made several improvements to enhance the overall user experience in WeekToDo. Also we have addressed various bugs reported by our community, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience. Additionally, we have made substantial optimizations to the app’s performance, making it even more efficient and responsive.

We invite both existing and new users to embrace WeekToDo Version 2.1.0 and experience the transformative power of efficient and minimalist weekly planning. Download the latest version of WeekToDo and embark on a journey towards a more productive and fulfilling week.