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WeekToDo is a Free and Open Source Weekly Planner. Stop prioritizing what’s on your schedule and start scheduling your priorities.

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What is WeekToDo?

WeekToDo is a free and Open Source minimalist weekly planner. With WeekToDo you can start improving your productivity by defining and managing your week and your tasks in an easy and intuitive way.

How it works?

WeekToDo mix the concept of a calendar and tasks list in a single interface. You can set alarms, colors, recurrent tasks, subtasks and all this in an intuitive and easy way. Also we care about your privacy so all your data is stored in your device.

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Available for everyone

WeekToDo is a free and Open Source project available for everyone. You can enjoy it like a native app on Windows, macOS and Linux or direct from your web browser. It is also available in multiple languages.


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Free your Potential

Cross your limits and start being more productive by focusing on what is really important. Download WeekToDo for your favorite Operative System or access directly from the browser.

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