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The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

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What is WeekToDo?

WeekToDo is a free minimalist weekly planner. Improve your productivity by defining and managing your week and your life in an easy and intuitive way.

WeekToDo Privacy First

Privacy First

The security of your data is essential. WeekToDo is focused 100% on privacy. All your data is stored on your computer (in your web browser or in the application). The only person who has access to your data is you.

WeekToDo Available for All

Available for All

WeekToDo is a totally free project available for everyone. You can enjoy it in any desktop operating system or web browser. It is also available in multiple languages.

Get the app

Download WeekToDo and enjoy a native experience from your computer in your favorite Operative System.

In Browser

Access directly from the internet. (All your data remains safe in your web browser)

Current Version 1.9.0. Download older versions from Github

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